to, toward


  • ostensible

    Something that is ostensible appears to be true or is officially declared to be true but is really a cover for the actual truth of a situation.

  • obsequious

    If someone is being obsequious, they are trying so hard to please someone that they lack sincerity in their actions towards that person.

  • obtrude

    If something obtrudes, it becomes noticeable or attracts attention in a way that is not pleasant or welcome.

  • unobtrusive

    If someone acts in an unobtrusive way, their actions are not easily noticed and do not stand out in any way.

  • objective

    If someone is objective, they base their opinions on facts rather than personal feelings or beliefs.

  • obstinate

    An obstinate person refuses to change their mind, even when other people think they are being highly unreasonable.

  • ostentatious

    If you describe an action as ostentatious, you think it is an extreme and exaggerated way of impressing people.

  • obliging

    Someone who is obliging is very helpful towards other people, being eager to do them favors or offer them assistance.

  • observe

    When you observe something, you watch it carefully to see what is happening.

  • obliged

    under a moral obligation to do something

  • ostentation

    a gaudy outward display

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