deny, say not


  • renege

    If you renege on a deal, agreement, or promise, you do not do what you promised or agreed to do.

  • abnegation

    The abnegation of something is someone's giving up their rights or claim to it or denying themselves of it; this action may or may not be in their best interest.

  • negligent

    A negligent person does not complete what they say they will do; they are careless and not attentive to their work.

  • negative

    Something negative, such as a result or an answer, is not good in some way or marks a *no* about something.

  • negotiate

    When you negotiate with another person, you are trying to reach an agreement of some kind; you are usually doing business or trying to solve a problem.

  • abnegate

    deny oneself (something)

  • negate

    be in contradiction with

  • negation

    a negative statement

  • negativism

    characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

  • negativity

    the character of the negative electric pole

  • neglect

    leave undone or leave out

  • neglected


  • negligible

    so small as to be meaningless

  • negotiable

    capable of being passed or negotiated

  • negotiation

    a discussion intended to produce an agreement

  • renegade

    break with established customs

  • reneged

    did not follow through on a promise

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