• commemorate

    When you commemorate a person, you honor them or cause them to be remembered in some way.

  • memorandum

    A memorandum is a short note that helps someone remember what they've done or have to do; it can also be a form of communication that gives out information.

  • commemoration

    a ceremony to honor the memory of someone or something

  • commemorative

    intended as a commemoration

  • immemorial

    long past

  • memo

    a written proposal or reminder

  • memoir

    an account of the author's personal experiences

  • memorabilia

    a record of things worth remembering

  • memorable

    worth remembering

  • memoranda

    a written proposal or reminder

  • memorial

    a recognition of meritorious service

  • memorialize

    address in a memorial

  • memorization

    learning so as to be able to remember verbatim

  • memory

    an electronic memory device

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