• feckless

    Someone who is feckless is incompetent and lacks the determination or skill to achieve much of anything at all in life.

  • listless

    When you are listless, you lack energy and interest and are unwilling to exert any effort.

  • hapless

    A hapless person is unlucky, so much so that a stream of unfortunate things has happened and continues to happen to them.

  • artless

    When someone speaks in an artless fashion, they are without deception; when someone acts artlessly, they are being totally natural.

  • fruitless

    A fruitless effort at doing something does not bring about a successful result.

  • ruthless

    A ruthless person shows no pity or mercy to an opponent.

  • senseless

    If you do something senseless, there is no purpose or good reason for doing it; it is also often harmful or foolish.

  • pointless

    If someone does something that is pointless, there is no reason behind or meaning for doing it.

  • aimless

    aimlessly drifting

  • blameless

    free of guilt

  • defenseless

    lacking protection or support

  • effortless

    requiring or apparently requiring no effort

  • graceless

    lacking graciousness

  • groundless

    without a basis in reason or fact

  • lifeless

    deprived of life

  • merciless

    having or showing no mercy

  • mirthless

    lacking mirth

  • motherless

    having no living or known mother

  • peerless

    eminent beyond or above comparison

  • pitiless

    without mercy or pity

  • weightless

    having little or no weight or apparent gravitational pull

  • witless

    (of especially persons) lacking sense or understanding or judgment

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