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Quick Summary

The Latin root lect means “gather.” This Latin root is the word origin of a good number of highly used English vocabulary words, including elect and select. The root lect is easily recalled via the word collect, for a person who collects treasured items loves to “gather” them together.

"Lect" Us "Gather" Some Words

The Latin root lect means “gather.” Today we will “gather” together a selection of words that contains the root lect in order to recollect them more readily.

Are you one of those people who like to collect things, or “gather” them together? Do you consider some things more collectible than others, that is, more able to be “gathered” together simply because you prefer them? If you were to select, or “gather” together particular things to collect, what would those be? My selection or “gathering” apart of preferred things would be postage stamps and books, both of which I have collected or “gathered” together over the years.

Elections, or the act of “gathering” apart one candidate from the rest who are running for office, can be quite exciting. Who ends up being elected or “gathered” from the rest of the candidates often depends on how well each candidate runs their campaign. It is not a good thing to not “gather” or neglect to vote, since everyone’s participation is essential to the democratic process.

Do you know someone with a high intellect who is able to “gather” or grasp information easily? People who are highly intellectual tend to be able to recollect information readily, that is, are able to “gather” it again into their working memories, recalling it easily. Intellectuals tend to have a predilection for learning, that is, they “gather” learning apart from other things to care about, that is, they like it.

I think that we have “gathered” together plenty of examples of English words derived from lect, enough so to make your keen intellect most pleased!

  1. collect: “gather” together
  2. collectible: able to be “gathered” together
  3. select: “gather” apart (from other things), that is, “choose” one from others
  4. selection: state of “gathering” certain items over others
  5. collected: “gathered” together
  6. election: act of the “gathering” apart of one candidate from many in order to “choose” a candidate
  7. elected: “gathered” apart, or “chosen” from the rest
  8. neglect: not “gather,” that is, not choose to do
  9. intellect: the quality of being able to “gather” information easily
  10. intellectual: of being able to “gather” information easily
  11. recollect: to readily “gather” information again by recalling it
  12. predilection: a preferred “gathering” together of one thing above another


  • predilection

    If you have a predilection for something, you have a preference for it.

  • eclectic

    An eclectic assortment of things or people comes from many varied sources; additionally, it usually includes the best of those sources.

  • elite

    The elite members of a society are those at the top or those who are the very best.

  • collection

    A collection is a gathering or bringing together of things, such as coins or rocks.

  • select

    When you select something, you choose or pick it out from a group of things.

  • collect

    get or gather together

  • collected

    brought together in one place

  • collectible

    subject to or requiring payment especially as specified

  • collective

    done by or characteristic of individuals acting together

  • eclecticism

    making decisions on the basis of what seems best instead of following some single doctrine or style

  • elect

    select by a vote for an office or membership

  • electable

    having the ability to be appointed or chosen

  • election

    a vote to select the winner of a position or political office

  • intellect

    knowledge and intellectual ability

  • intellectual

    of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind

  • neglect

    leave undone or leave out

  • recollection

    the ability to recall past occurrences

  • reelect

    elect again

  • selection

    the act of choosing or selecting

  • selective

    tending to select

  • selectivity

    the property of being selective

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