a or of a continuous action


  • exacting

    Someone who is exacting expects others to work very hard and carefully.

  • vexing

    If a problem or situation is vexing, it puzzles, worries, or annoys someone.

  • scintillating

    A scintillating conversation, speech, or performance is brilliantly clever, interesting, and lively.

  • overweening

    Someone is overweening when they are not modest; rather, they think way too much of themselves and let everyone know about it.

  • resounding

    A resounding success, victory, or defeat is very great or complete, whereas a noise of this kind is loud, powerful, and ringing.

  • unremitting

    A thing or person that is unremitting is persistent and enduring in what is being done.

  • unassuming

    Someone who is unassuming is not boastful or arrogant; rather, they are modest or humble.

  • unflagging

    If you are unflagging while doing a task, you are untiring when working upon it and do not stop until it is finished.

  • unprepossessing

    Something or someone that is unprepossessing is not impressive or is unattractive.

  • excruciating

    An injury that is excruciating is extremely painful.

  • impending

    An impending event is approaching fast or is about to occur; this word usually has a negative implication, referring to something threatening or harmful coming.

  • unrelenting

    If you are unrelenting in your desire to do something, you stop at nothing until you've done it.

  • engaging

    An engaging activity is attractive or agreeable to those who are involved in it.

  • teeming

    Something teeming, such as a pond or forest, is filled or crowded with life—and growing even more so.

  • obliging

    Someone who is obliging is very helpful towards other people, being eager to do them favors or offer them assistance.

  • advocating

    supporting something

  • alleviating

    making less onerous or severe

  • cajoling

    gradually persuading someone to do something

  • eating

    the act of consuming food

  • loving

    feeling or showing love and affection

  • rambling

    spreading out in different directions

  • singing

    smooth and flowing

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