• injunction

    An injunction is a court order that prevents someone from doing something.

  • inordinate

    If something is inordinate, it is much larger in amount or degree than is normally expected.

  • indemnify

    If you indemnify someone against something bad happening, you promise to protect them from financial loss or legal responsibility if it happens.

  • inveigh

    If you inveigh against something, you criticize it very strongly.

  • inured

    If you are inured to something unpleasant, you have become so used to it that it no longer affects you.

  • inhibit

    Something that inhibits you from doing something restricts or keeps you from doing it.

  • insurrection

    An insurrection is a rebellion or open uprising against an established form of government.

  • invective

    If you hurl invective at another person, you are verbally abusing or highly criticizing them.

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