handy, capable of


  • unfeasible

    Something unfeasible cannot be made or achieved.

  • comestible

    A comestible is something that can be eaten.

  • irascible

    An irascible person becomes angry very easily.

  • reprehensible

    If you think a type of behavior or idea is reprehensible, you think that it is very bad, morally wrong, and deserves to be strongly criticized.

  • fungible

    Two items are fungible if one can be exchanged for the other with no loss in inherent value; for example, one $10 bill and two $5 bills are fungible.

  • incontrovertible

    Incontrovertible facts are certain, unquestionably true, and impossible to doubt however hard you might try to convince yourself otherwise.

  • indelible

    If someone leaves an indelible impression on you, it will not be forgotten; an indelible mark is permanent or impossible to erase or remove.

  • ostensible

    Something that is ostensible appears to be true or is officially declared to be true but is really a cover for the actual truth of a situation.

  • tangible

    Something that is tangible is able to be touched and thus is considered real.

  • incorrigible

    Someone who is incorrigible has bad habits or does bad things and is unlikely to ever change; this word is often used in a humorous way.

  • gullible

    A gullible person is easy to trick because they are too trusting of other people.

  • infallible

    If something is infallible, it is never wrong and so is incapable of making mistakes.

  • contemptible

    A contemptible act is shameful, disgraceful, and worthy of scorn.

  • imperceptible

    Something that is imperceptible is either impossible to be perceived by the mind or is very difficult to perceive.

  • implausible

    Something that is implausible is unlikely to be true or hard to believe that it's true.

  • incompatible

    If two people are incompatible, they do not get along, tend to disagree, and are unable to cooperate with one another.

  • susceptible

    If you are susceptible to something, such as a disease or emotion, you are likely or inclined to be affected by it.

  • credible

    If you act in a credible fashion, you are easy to believe or trust.

  • audible

    Something that is audible is loud enough to be clearly heard.

  • irreversible

    When an irreversible act is done, it cannot be undone or fixed in any way.

  • risible

    Something risible is laughable or capable of causing laughter because it is funny in some way—or even ridiculous.

  • responsible

    If you are responsible for something, you are the cause of it and so can be blamed for it.

  • eligible

    An eligible person is fit to be chosen or acceptable to join something, such as a sports team or club.

  • flexible

    Someone who is flexible can bend in almost any direction; they can also quickly change their plans to fit whatever is going on.

  • edible

    If something is edible, people can eat it.

  • invisible

    Something invisible cannot be seen.

  • visible

    If something is visible, you can see it—or it is able to be seen.

  • compatible

    able to exist and perform in harmonious or agreeable combination

  • plausible

    apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful

  • possible

    existing in possibility

  • sensible

    showing reason or sound judgment

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