• utopia

    A utopia is a perfect place where there are no problems and everyone is in agreement.

  • dystopia

    A dystopia is an imaginary place that is the worst possible.

  • Arabia

    peninsula that contains Saudi Arabia the Persian Gulf states, et al.

  • Austria

    country of central Europe whose capital is Vienna

  • Australia

    a continent that is south of Indonesia

  • Bolivia

    country in central South America whose capitals are Sucre and La Paz

  • California

    a state in the western United States whose capital is Sacramento

  • Colombia

    a country in northern South America whose capital is Bogota

  • Ethiopia

    a country of northeastern Africa whose capital is Addis Ababa

  • Georgia

    a state of the southern United States whose capital is Atlanta

  • India

    a country of South Asia whose capital is New Delhi

  • Indonesia

    an island nation south of the Philippines whose capital is Jakarta

  • Namibia

    country of southwestern Africa, capital of which is Windhoek

  • Pennsylvania

    a state in the northeastern United States, capital of which is Harrisburg

  • Philadelphia

    the city of “brotherly love”; the largest city in Pennsylvania

  • Romania

    a country of southeastern Europe, the capital of which is Bucharest

  • Russia

    a large country in northern Asia and eastern Europe whose capital is Moscow

  • Somalia

    country in eastern Africa whose capital is Mogadishu

  • Syria

    a country of southwestern Asia whose capital is Damascus

  • Tasmania

    a state of southeastern Australia whose capital is Hobart

  • Virginia

    a state of the eastern United States whose capital is Richmond

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