perform, complete


  • functionary

    A functionary is a minor official who works for a government or political party; they attend to administrative tasks that are small and trivial.

  • perfunctory

    A perfunctory action is done with little care or interest; consequently, it is only completed because it is expected of someone to do so.

  • fungible

    Two items are fungible if one can be exchanged for the other with no loss in inherent value; for example, one $10 bill and two $5 bills are fungible.

  • defunct

    Something that is defunct is no longer in existence or does not function.

  • function

    A function is a purpose that something has or the work or action that it is able to do.

  • functional

    designed for or capable of a particular function or use

  • functionality

    capable of serving a purpose well

  • malfunction

    fail to function or function improperly

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