ward off


  • defend

    When you defend someone, you guard or protect them to keep them safe from harm.

  • offend

    When you offend someone, you do or say something that makes them upset or angry.

  • fender

    One who or that which defends or protects by warding off harmA screen to prevent coals or sparks of an open fire from escaping to the floor.Anything serving as a cushion to lessen the shock when a vessel comes in contact with another vessel or a wharf.A screen to protect a carriage from mud thrown off the wheels: also, a splashboard.Anything set up to protect an exposed angle, as of a house, from damage by carriage wheels.

  • counteroffensive

    the leading of an attack to stop another attack

  • defendant

    a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law

  • defender

    One who defends; one who maintains, supports, protects, or vindicates; a champion; an advocate; a vindicator.

  • defense

    The act of defending, or the state of being defended; protection, as from violence or danger.

  • defensible

    Capable of being defended; as, a defensible city, or a defensible cause.

  • defensive

    Serving to defend or protect; proper for defense; opposed to offensive; as, defensive armor.

  • fence

    That which fends off attack or danger; a defense; a protection; a cover; security; shield.

  • fencer

    One who fences; one who teaches or practices the art of fencing with sword or foil.

  • fencing

    The art or practice of attack and defense with the sword, esp. with the smallsword. See Fence, v. i., 2.

  • forfend

    To prohibit; to forbid; to avert.

  • indefensible

    not able to be supported or defended

  • inoffensive

    Giving no offense, or provocation; causing no uneasiness, annoyance, or disturbance; as, an inoffensive man, answer, appearance.

  • offender

    One who offends; one who violates any law, divine or human; a wrongdoer.

  • offense

    The act of offending in any sense; esp., a crime or a sin, an affront or an injury.

  • offensive

    The state or posture of one who offends or makes attack; aggressive attitude; the act of the attacking party; -- opposed to defensive.

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