becoming; beginning to be


  • senescent

    A senescent person is becoming old and showing the effects of getting older.

  • convalescent

    A convalescent person spends time resting to gain health and strength after a serious illness or operation.

  • effervescent

    An effervescent individual is lively, very happy, and enthusiastic.

  • iridescent

    An iridescent object has many bright colors that change in different types of light.

  • evanescent

    Something that is evanescent lasts for only a short time before disappearing from sight or memory.

  • obsolescent

    If something is obsolescent, it is slowly becoming no longer needed because something newer or more effective has been invented.

  • tumescent

    Something that is tumescent, such as bodily tissue, is swelling or becoming swollen.

  • adolescent

    relating to or peculiar to or suggestive of an adolescent

  • coalescent

    growing together, fusing

  • fluorescent

    emitting light during exposure to radiation from an external source

  • incandescent

    emitting light as a result of being heated

  • luminescent

    emitting light not caused by heat

  • opalescent

    having a play of lustrous rainbow colors

  • phosphorescent

    emitting light without appreciable heat as by slow oxidation of phosphorous

  • prepubescent

    (especially of human beings) at the age immediately before puberty

  • pubescent

    (of animals especially human beings) having arrived at the onset of puberty (the age at which sex glands become functional) but not yet fully mature

  • putrescent

    becoming putrid

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