act or practice


  • chicanery

    If you employ chicanery, you are devising and carrying out clever plans and trickery to cheat and deceive people.

  • effrontery

    Effrontery is very rude behavior that shows a great lack of respect and is often insulting.

  • archery

    the sport of shooting arrows with a bow

  • bravery

    a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear

  • bribery

    the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage

  • foolery

    foolish or senseless behavior

  • ironmongery

    the merchandise that is sold in an ironmonger's shop

  • joinery

    fine woodwork done by a joiner

  • knavery

    lack of honesty

  • mummery

    meaningless ceremonies and flattery

  • skulduggery

    verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way

  • sorcery

    the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world

  • surgery

    the branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures

  • witchery

    the art of sorcery

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