• accuse

    If you accuse someone of doing something, such as a crime or other bad action, you say that they did it.

  • accusation

    state of saying that someone committed a crime

  • accusative

    The accusative case.

  • accusatory

    containing or expressing accusation

  • accused

    Charged with offense; as, an accused person.

  • accuser

    One who accuses; one who brings a charge of crime or fault.

  • because

    By or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that.

  • causal

    Relating to a cause or causes; inplying or containing a cause or causes; expressing a cause; causative.

  • causality

    The agency of a cause; the action or power of a cause, in producing its effect.

  • cause

    That which produces or effects a result; that from which anything proceeds, and without which it would not exist.

  • excuse

    a poor example

  • excused

    freed from accusation

  • recusant

    (of Catholics) refusing to attend services of the Church of England

  • recuse

    disqualify oneself (as a judge) in a particular case

  • unexcused

    not freed from accusation or guilt

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