take, seize


  • recovery

    When someone is in recovery, they are getting better and becoming healthy once again.

  • occupy

    When something is occupied, such as a house or someone's time, it is filled.

  • irrecoverable

    Not capable of being recovered, regained, or remedied; irreparable; as, an irrecoverable loss, debt, or injury.

  • occupancy

    The act of taking or holding possession, especially of real property or rental property; possession; occupation.

  • occupant

    One who occupies, or takes possession; one who has the actual use or possession, or is in possession, of a thing; as, the occupant of the apartment is not at home.

  • occupation

    the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money

  • occupational

    Of or pertaining to an occupation{3} or occupations{3}; caused by or incidental to an occupation{3}; as, occupational hazard; occupational illness.

  • occupied

    Engaged; in use; being used by a person and not free for use by someone else; as, the wc is occupied. Opposite of free, available, and unoccupied.

  • preoccupation

    The act of preoccupying, or taking possession of beforehand; the state of being preoccupied; prepossession.

  • preoccupied

    busy; lost in thought

  • preoccupy

    To take possession of before another; as, to preoccupy a country not before held.

  • recover

    To cover again.

  • recoverable

    Capable of being recovered or regained; capable of being brought back to a former condition, as from sickness, misfortune, etc.; obtainable from a debtor or possessor; as, the debt is recoverable; goods lost or sunk in the ocean are not recoverable.

  • recovering

    getting better

  • recuperate

    To recover health; to regain strength; to convalesce.

  • recuperation

    Recovery, as of anything lost, especially of the health or strength.

  • recuperative

    Of or pertaining to recuperation; tending to recovery.

  • unoccupied

    not being lived in

  • unrecoverable

    not able to be brought back to a normal state

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