• counter

    One who counts, or reckons up; a calculator; a reckoner.

  • counteract

    act in opposition to

  • counterbalance

    To oppose with an equal weight or power; to counteract the power or effect of; to countervail; to equiponderate; to balance.

  • counterclockwise

    in the opposite direction to that in which the hands of a clock rotate, as viewed from in front of the clock face; -- of rotatory motion or spiral direction. Opposite of clockwise, or right-handed

  • counterculture

    movement that opposes an established culture

  • counterespionage

    spying to counteract another’s spying

  • counterintelligence

    the blocking of an enemy’s sources of information

  • countermine

    An underground gallery excavated to intercept and destroy the mining of an enemy.

  • counteroffensive

    the leading of an attack to stop another attack

  • counterpoise

    To act against with equal weight; to equal in weight; to balance the weight of; to counterbalance.

  • counterproductive

    tending to hinder the achievement of a goal

  • counterrevolution

    a revolution whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by a previous revolution

  • countersign

    To sign on the opposite side of (an instrument or writing); hence, to sign in addition to the signature of a principal or superior, in order to attest the authenticity of a writing.

  • countervail

    To act against with equal force, power, or effect; to thwart or overcome by such action; to furnish an equivalent to or for; to counterbalance; to compensate.

  • counterweight

    a weight that is equal to another weight

  • country

    A tract of land; a region; the territory of an independent nation; (as distinguished from any other region, and with a personal pronoun) the region of one's birth, permanent residence, or citizenship.

  • encounter

    To come against face to face; to meet; to confront, either by chance, suddenly, or deliberately; especially, to meet in opposition or with hostile intent; to engage in conflict with; to oppose; to struggle with; as, to encounter a friend in traveling; two armies encounter each other; to encounter obstacles or difficulties, to encounter strong evidence of a truth.

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