common, public, general


  • commune

    If you commune with something, you communicate without using words because you feel especially close to or in tune with it.

  • incommunicado

    If you are incommunicado, you are out of touch, unable to be communicated with, or in an isolated situation.

  • communal

    Communal property includes those goods or items that are shared in common by a community.

  • community

    A community is made up of people who live or do things together in the same area; members often like the same things.

  • communicate

    When you communicate with someone, you talk with or write to them to give them information.

  • communicable

    (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection

  • communicant

    a person entitled to receive Communion

  • communicative

    of or relating to communication

  • communion

    the act of participating in the celebration of the Eucharist

  • communism

    a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

  • excommunicate

    exclude from a church or a religious community

  • incommunicable

    Not communicable; incapable of being communicated, shared, told, or imparted, to others.

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