• benign

    If you describe someone as benign, they are kind, gentle, and harmless.

  • benefaction

    A benefaction is a charitable contribution of money or assistance that someone gives to a person or organization.

  • benevolent

    Someone who is benevolent wishes others well, often by being kind, filled with goodwill, and charitable towards them.

  • beneficial

    Something beneficial is helpful, useful, or valuable in some way.

  • benefit

    A benefit is a good thing or effect that you get from something.

  • benediction

    the act of praying for divine protection

  • benefactor

    a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help)

  • benefactress

    a woman benefactor

  • beneficence

    doing good

  • beneficent

    doing or producing good

  • beneficiary

    having or arising from a benefice

  • benevolence

    disposition to do good

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