think, judge


  • arbitrary

    If you describe a decision, rule, or plan as arbitrary, you think that it was decided without any thought, standard, or system to guide it; therefore, it can seem unfair.

  • arbiter

    An arbiter acts as a go-between who can settle an argument or provide advice in a dispute.

  • arbitrable

    appropriate for or subject to settlement by arbitration

  • arbitrament

    the act of deciding as an arbiter

  • arbitrarily

    in a random manner

  • arbitrariness

    the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

  • arbitrate

    act between parties with a view to reconciling differences

  • arbitration

    (law) the hearing and determination of a dispute by an impartial referee agreed to by both parties (often used to settle disputes between labor and management)

  • arbitrator

    someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue

  • arbitress

    A female arbiter; an arbitratrix.

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