• altruistic

    If your behavior or manner is altruistic, you show you care more about other people and their interests than you care about yourself.

  • adulterate

    If you adulterate something, you lessen its quality by adding inferior ingredients or elements to it.

  • altercation

    An altercation is a noisy disagreement or heated argument.

  • alteration

    An alteration is a change or adjustment to something.

  • alternative

    An alternative is another choice offered to you in addition to something that you already have.

  • alter

    cause to change

  • alterable

    capable of being changed or altered in some characteristic

  • alternate

    every second one of a series

  • alternation

    successive change from one thing or state to another and back again

  • alternator

    an old term for an electric generator that produces alternating current (especially in automobiles)

  • adulteration

    being mixed with extraneous material

  • adultery

    extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations

  • altruism

    the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others

  • unalterable

    not capable of being changed or altered

  • unadulterated

    not mixed with impurities

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