inclined to, abounding in


  • contumacious

    Someone who is contumacious is purposely stubborn, contrary, or disobedient.

  • mendacious

    A mendacious person does not tell the truth.

  • voracious

    A voracious person has a strong desire to want a lot of something, especially food.

  • loquacious

    Someone who is loquacious talks too much.

  • rapacious

    If you describe a person's behavior as rapacious, you disapprove of them because they always want more money, goods, or possessions than they really need.

  • pertinacious

    Someone who is pertinacious is determined to continue doing something rather than giving up—even when it gets very difficult.

  • capacious

    Something that is capacious has a lot of space and can contain a lot of things.

  • vivacious

    If someone is described as vivacious, they are lively and have a happy, lighthearted manner.

  • tenacious

    A tenacious person does not quit until they finish what they've started.

  • pugnacious

    To act in a pugnacious manner is to act in a combative and aggressive way.

  • fallacious

    containing or based on a fallacy

  • veracious

    habitually speaking the truth

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