away, from


  • abstruse

    You can describe something as abstruse if you find it highly complicated and difficult to understand.

  • abstinence

    Abstinence is the practice of keeping away from or avoiding something you enjoy—such as the physical pleasures of excessive food and drink—usually for health or religious reasons.

  • abscond

    When you abscond, you leave suddenly from a place that has imprisoned or persecuted you, or you leave from a place with something that doesn't belong to you.

  • abstemious

    Someone who is abstemious avoids doing too much of something enjoyable, such as eating or drinking; rather, they consume in a moderate fashion.

  • abstract

    When an idea is abstract, it is not based on a sensed material object but is rather based on a mental concept or is purely theoretical.

  • abscess

    symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

  • abstain

    refrain from voting

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