Ad- Adds Up!


Quick Summary

Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The English prefix ad- means “to, towards.” Examples using this prefix include admit and adjust. An easy way to remember that the prefix ad- means “towards” is through the word advertise, for when you advertise you try to turn potential buyers “towards” the product you are selling.

Ad- Adds Up!

Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The prefix ad- means “to, towards;” today we will address increasing you vocabulary knowledge by looking “towards” this highly used prefix!

When companies advertise their products, they are trying to turn your attention “towards” what they are selling. If their advertisements are effective, they are hoping that you will then adhere or stick “to” buying their products for years to come. If those commercials don’t work, they will probably adjust, or tilt “towards” a different way of telling you about their products that might be more effective. This is a way of adapting to a changing marketplace, or making things suitable “towards” the current way that people think.

Many students spend a great deal of time in their quest to be admitted to college, thereby hoping to be sent “towards” their school of choice. To succeed in this sometimes daunting endeavor, many students adopt very studious habits, making the choice “towards” being the best student they can be.

When you are on an adventure, many challenges and dangers come “towards” you. Before you set off on such a quest, you may want to ask an advisor, or someone who will look “towards” giving you helpful information. This advice will hopefully look “towards” solving any future issues you might have.

Speaking of academic perils, parts of speech can send people into fits. If you take a look at them from an etymological point of view, however, they become quite easy. For instance, an adjective is simply a descriptive word thrown “towards” a noun, whereas an adverb is simply a word that sits near or “towards” a verb in order to describe it.

I think that that’s enough examples thrown “towards” you of the prefix ad-; I wouldn’t want you to become an addict of just that prefix!

  1. advertise: turn ‘towards’
  2. adhere: stick ‘to’
  3. adjust: tilt ‘towards’
  4. adapt: make suitable ‘towards’
  5. admit: send ‘to’
  6. adopt: to make a choice ‘towards’
  7. adventure: a coming ‘towards’
  8. advisor: one who looks ‘towards’ another person to help him
  9. advice: a looking ‘towards’ to help
  10. adverb: word ‘towards’ a verb or adjective
  11. adjective: word ‘towards’ a noun

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