Words for EducatorMSMild

The words we teach are extracted from various corpora

We are constantly adding to this vocabulary list and rebinning as we collect additional data. Levelizing is built on a formula derived from frequency and dispersion analysis from multiple corpora, and on over 30 years of tests further moderated by our vocabulary experts. See our word gallery to understand how each word is taught and our question gallery to see our reinforcement questions.

Note that when certain words like abandon are binned at what seems to be a higher level than expected we are teaching an alternate meaning for a polysemous word, or the word is easily confused, as in the case of enormity.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
ability accomplish active address advice afford anniversary approach attractive avoid brief capable capture century certain challenge character climate collection committee community compare completely concern condition consider contain contribute custom decide degree describe design desire discover discussion disease eager emergency entrance event expert explore express extend extremely feature focus general geography globe government host identity imagine incident independent index issue journey judge legal luxury major manage medium multiply nation natural negative opinion opportunity opposite perform permit prepare prevent process provide purchase quality region reject report required research responsible security series similar solve source state statement structure style transport treaty visible vision wisdom access accompany accuse achieve adjust adopt alert ambition ancient annual apology appoint arena arrange arrest assist assortment assure attach attempt attend authority automatic available average basic bold cease circular column combine communicate companion confuse congratulate construct contact content conversation convince couple culture decay declare defend define demand depend desperate difference disaster dismiss disorder distant distract dramatic ease economic elementary emotional enormous entertain entire environment error estimate evidence exact examine exhibit expand expected expensive experience experiment export familiar fiction flexible fluid fortunate frequent function fundamental furious gradual habit illustrate immediately impress individual inspect instant intelligent intend interrupt investigation invisible involved lack limit loyal majority manufacture master mental minor misery modest observe obvious operate organize outstanding pace particular pause perfect plentiful pointless portable portion positive prefer previous primary privilege proceed product profit publication quantity realize recognize reduce regulation relax release reliable remove request reserve resource respect respond role satisfied scarce schedule section seldom select senseless separate signal situation standard substitute support surface talent technology terror text theory topic transfer transmit transparent tropical variety vehicle volume wilderness withdraw abbreviation absolute absorb academic accuracy advantage adventurous affection agent aggressive alternative altitude ancestor antique anxious apply ascend assembly assessment assign attentive attitude audition authorize benefit biology blend brilliant calculate category cautious cavity circulate collapse collide commentary commitment compact compassion competition complex complicated complimentary conceive concentrate conclusion conduct confident confine conflict connection consecutive constant contrast cooperate coward crisis critical criticism currently cycle data deceive dedicate defer delicate democratic demonstrate dense depress deprive descend destruction detail detect determine devote digest displace dissimilar distribute disturb division dominant duplicate duration edible edit eligible emerge employ erupt essential evacuate evaluate excel exception exert expedition external factor fatal favorable feat fierce format formula fracture fragment generosity gigantic glossary guidelines habitat hazardous hesitate highlight humble hurricane identical identify imitate import incline ingredient input insert inspire intercept internal introduce invade irregular isolated labor locate magnificent manual mature maximum meadow mere minority mock moisture monitor moral motivation mural narrator native navigate negotiate noble numerous occupy offend opponent option outcome participate perish possess postpone poverty practical predict preserve procedure progress prohibit pronunciation pursue qualify random reaction recommend recovery refer reform reign relate relation resident resist retain reveal reverse revert rigid scenario sequence simplify solo solution specific strategy submit sufficient summarize summit survive sustain taunt technique tense thermal thesis threat timid tolerate tragic tremendous typical unstable update variable vast version virtual vocabulary void voluntary weary