Faith Christian School’s Ninth Graders Are Exceeding Vocabulary and Writing Expectations

Amy Wampler

Amy Wampler
Ninth Grade English Teacher

Faith Christian School
Grapevine, TX

Amy teaches ninth grade English classes at Faith Christian School, which has a highly involved and engaged student body. Before Membean, Amy taught vocabulary by curating words from classical roots. The words were often pretty obscure and not always mainstream, so students had a hard time connecting with them and using them in their own speaking and writing.

“We were looking for something that was online and relatable for our kids. Membean was a great find as it is personalized, the words are practical, and it makes for efficient learning.”

When a new English department head was looking for an online tool that was more engaging and provided individualized learning, the entire English department piloted Membean. The department’s teachers loved Membean’s approach to teaching vocabulary — its short practice sessions and spaced practice ensured that students didn’t forget what they learned.

Teachers meeting together

“My students are proud of their writing because they have been able to choose a precise word to communicate what they want to say. That's authentic learning, and Membean has made it possible.’

Amy has been encouraged by seeing her kids learning new words and progressing through the program. Her students are recognizing words they’ve learned as they read together in the classroom and frequently call out, “Membean word!” When discussing a passage of literature in class, Amy will ask her students the definitions of difficult words as they come across them; more often than not, students know the definitions because they’ve learned them in Membean. She has found this to be a big motivator for her kids to continue training with Membean.

Anne Hartman

“It’s wonderful to have the individualized learning, the ease of record-keeping, and the automatic quizzes. I can't say enough good things about it. Membean has made learning measurable. It saves me from hours of grading vocabulary exercises.”

Amy’s students love choosing their favorite ways of learning a word. Some prefer learning with images, while others enjoy word constellations, roots, or videos. They feel a sense of ownership when they learn a new word and are excited to have a chance to use the words they’ve been learning. Amy says that her students’ writing sounds better and that they now have more words in their arsenal, thanks to their expanding vocabulary. Amy is proud of the progress her kids have made and how much Membean has helped in the process.

Differentiated vocabulary for your students is just a click away.