How To Learn A Word

You don’t have to learn everything on the word page — just enough to help you understand the word.

When you see the word for the 1st time.

  • Start with reading or listening to the context paragraph and answer the context question.
  • Read the definition and memorize the quick glance definition.
  • Watch the word theater and pay special attention to any background images.
  • Spend no more than 3 minutes on each page.

When you see the word for the 3rd time.

  • Visualize the provided memory hook. On each subsequent failure actively recall the hook.
  • Check the related words. Are there any highlighted words? How do they relate to the word being learned?

When you see the word for the 2nd time.

  • Read the definition and quick glance again.
  • Read the word ingredients. Pay special attention to starred roots since these occur frequently.
  • Take a look at the constellation. Is there a word there you already know? How does it relate to the word being studied?
  • Spend no more than 3-5 minutes on each page.

On each subsequent failure to recall.

Reread the Memlet that you like the most. Ask yourself why you failed to remember it. Is there something in the roots, definition, constellation or memory hook of this word that is unique?

After using this order for a while you’ll recognize which Memlets cater to your specific learning style — adjust as you see fit!

Remember to build on your word knowledge one step at a time.