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  • Noun




For our wedding we had a smorgasbord or wide variety of the most delicious foods set out in a buffet. I ate so much at this smorgasbord that was filled with so many irresistible temptations that I rarely even danced with my bride. When I caught sight of her giving me the evil eye, I left the smorgasbord or wide collection of food to pay some attention to her instead of to my stomach.

Quiz: If you encounter a smorgasbord, what might you see?

  • An assortment of foods from around the world.
  • A depiction of a significant historical event.
  • A specific type of furniture that is very popular.

Memory Hook

More Gas I ate so much at the smorgasbord that I kept on having more and more gas.


  • Jackson will allow himself to try two or three things that he really loves at a dinner party — as opposed diving into the whole smorgasbord. —WebMD
  • The rest of the defense, however, was a smorgasbord, as the coaches tried different players every week, hoping to settle on a regular defensive unit before the season began. —Sports Illustrated
  • This smorgasbord of Apple apps caused Rob McNair-Huff, the publisher of the popular Mac site Mac Net Journal, to accuse Apple of hurting independent developers and of 'pulling a Microsoft.' —Wired
  • This smorgasbord of railway delights is set to roll out across the region: Saudi Arabia plans to spend 15 billion to increase the size of its rail network nearly five-fold. —The Economist

Word Ingredients

From root words meaning “bread and butter” and “table.”

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