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  • Adj.




Katie woke up from her nap with her usual insatiable or endless need for chocolate. She rushed to the kitchen and began to gobble a rich cake insatiably and insistently, gulping down huge pieces and licking every last bit of frosting from her fingers. Katie’s unsatisfied, demanding, and insatiable appetite led her to then dig into the chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Quiz: What is an insatiable appetite or desire?

  • One that needs huge amounts of sugar.
  • One that drives you to do something foolish.
  • One that is so strong that it cannot be satisfied.

Memory Hook

Not Able To Be Satisfied An insatiable thirst for knowledge is not able to be satisfied--one must have more and more in a never-ending stream.


  • In men of the highest character and noblest genius there is to be found an insatiable desire for [honor], command, power, and glory. — Cicero, Roman statesman Cicero, roman statesman
  • She has an insatiable desire to explore all the facets of her creativity by boldly diving into wildly varied mediums. And she intends to never stop learning more. —KNKX
  • An insatiable reader who reads “six newspapers a day, at least a dozen weekly periodicals, and at least one book a week,” Rubenstein believes that a lifetime of curiosity is essential for a good leader. —Forbes
  • Life had returned to normal, seemingly, when "suddenly, over two or three days, there was this insatiable desire to listen to piano music." . . . His music is ceaseless. "It never runs dry," he continued. —NPR

Word Ingredients

in- not
sat enough
-able handy, capable of

An insatiable need for affection means that you are “not capable of having enough.”

Word Constellation