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  • Adj.




A benign, kindly king, who cared more for his subjects than for himself, ruled the tiny kingdom. King Rupert may not have been particularly wise, but his benign, gentle ways endeared him to his people. Everyone held their breath when it was rumored that King Rupert had developed a tumor, but luckily it was diagnosed as benign or harmless. Everyone hoped that the benign and gracious King Rupert would live for a long time.

Quiz: What does it mean if someone is benign?

  • They are not able to give a strong opinion.
  • They are weak and easy to push aside.
  • They are kind and considerate to others.

Memory Hook

Beneficial Sign Today I sighed with great relief when my doctor told me that my best friend's tumor is benign, a beneficial sign that all will be well with her health.


  • The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Henry wadsworth longfellow
  • Tim Boyles/Getty Images Jason Giambi is under no obligation to tell us, perfect strangers, about the benign tumor on his pituitary gland, if that is indeed what he has. —Sports Illustrated
  • George, a pig — along with most of the males in this film of Anna Quindlen’s 1994 novel — treats Kate with benign contempt. —Rolling Stone
  • The final scene of the final episode of 'The Sopranos' had all the elements of traditional climax down to the benign plate of onion rings Tony 'ordered for the table.' —Los Angeles Times

Word Ingredients

bene- well
ign produce, bring forth

A benign person “brings forth” acts that are “well” regarded in society; she is also kind because has been “brought up well.”

Word Constellation


Word Variants

benignity n kindness