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  • Noun




The lecture series and panel discussion on climate change gave Wilma the perfect chance to show off her bailiwick of weather-related expertise. As Wilma consulted with other specialists in the field, they became more and more impressed by her bailiwick, which was brimming with knowledge. It soon became known that she was an authority in the professional area or bailiwick of environmental studies.

Quiz: How does one acquire a bailiwick?

  • By being careful with one’s money and saving it for many years.
  • By getting a job which requires a couple of personal assistants.
  • By acquiring an expertise or studying a specific subject extensively.

Memory Hook

Proud Mama Praises her Bailey "My Bailey is a wonderfully wicked wick lighter," said Mama McKay to her friend Claudia. "He may not be great at anything else, but his bailiwick of lighting candles is better than nothing, don't you think? I mean, some people's children can't do anything at all!" "Oh, yes," agreed Claudia, "I've always said that your Bailey is a darn good wick lighter!"


  • Each has his own well-defined bailiwick, and there is a minimum of contact among them of any nature—particularly of a social nature. —Sports Illustrated
  • Though Blackwell’s bailiwick is engineering, he takes pains to point out earnestly that "shelf space is very valuable—it wouldn’t make sense to have rain gear out on a sunny day." —Wired
  • Asked about the Iranian letters, John R. Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said, "That’s not in my bailiwick." —The Washington Post

Word Ingredients

bail court attendant, bailiff
-i- connective
wick block of houses in a town

A bailliwik was a “town bailiff”; just as a “bailiff” oversees a “neighborhood or block of houses in a town,” so too is one’s bailiwick a supervisory area or field of expertise.

Word Theater

The Cape Since Patrick's bailiwick is the ports, he should be a part of this conversation.

Word Constellation