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  • Noun




Joshua has the ability or skill to make me laugh. His ability or power to make funny faces and to remember every joke he has ever heard is like nothing I have ever known. Once he starts making faces, I do not have the ability or am not able to stop laughing. At that point, the only ability I have or thing I can do is roll on the floor and hold onto my stomach!

Quiz: What is an ability?

  • It is something that makes people laugh.
  • It is the power of remembering almost everything.
  • It is something that someone can do.

Memory Hook

Able More Than Bitty If you have an ability to do something, you are not just able to do it a little bitty bit, but quite a lot!


  • On the northwestern side of the graveyard things had become very overgrown and tangled, far beyond the ability of the groundskeeper or the Friends of the Graveyard to tame. —The Graveyard Book
  • The Laprun trials therefore grew in size and importance, which was all to the good; what was less good was the growing popularity of the churakak, the duel of honor, fought by those a little too proud of their ability to fight. —The Hero and the Crown

Word Ingredients

abil handy
-ity state or quality

If someone has the ability to do something, he possesses the quality of being “handy” at it.

Word Theater

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Ferris limits the principal's ability to rule the school.

Word Constellation