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Bilious Billy not only had terribly bad breath and body odor, but also possessed a rather unpleasant personality. Many co-workers had attempted to tell Billy politely about this bilious and disgusting physical problem, but he would not listen since he was so irritable. As a result of his bilious, unhealthy presence and his disagreeable behavior, he soon lost the few friends he did have.

Quiz: What does it mean to describe someone as bilious?

  • He is highly disagreeable.
  • He can be a trickster around the office.
  • He has trouble working with others.

Memory Hook

Billy Club! When the bilious policeman took out his billy club, we weren't going to wait around to see his temper really flare into bullying us!

Word Ingredients

bil bile, yellowish fluid secreted by the liver
-ious of the nature of

According to the medieval theory of the humors (four bodily fluids were once thought to make all fluids in the body), an excess of choler, or yellow bile, made one angry or irritable.

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